Stage 1: Investigation – Feedbacks

Thank you all for coming to our session and sharing your story! The event for Stage 1: Investigation went very successfully and we have got lots of positive feedbacks after the event.

“I really liked the sound activity and started to feel like I must have missed so many cool sounds in my life.” – Ida Heiska

“Vey enjoyable! Enjoyed using the materials and properly looking.” – Jenna Lister

“Really liked Barbican estate. How people make places homely in urban landscapes is interesting, flower etc. Nice to notice details around places I would usually rush through. I pay a lot of attention to what I see and didn’t realize how big of a part my other senses play in how I perceive an area.” – Emma Johnson

10349153_754816361257165_3496185058431471707_n( Image: Sense of the City: London )

“My favorite was the listening activity! Endless amusement for the ears. And the really nicely thought-out activity packs – obvious that a lot of energy, time and thought have gone into the whole thing.” – Ffion Smith

“I enjoyed the viewfinder task and being ‘different.’ I was doing something different to everyone else who was around me, who were doing ordinary activities.” – J

“It was nice to go to a new place and try some new things. Being at me peacefully with unfamiliar surroundings was a new experience as a Londener.” – Charlotte Gray

10334258_754804054591729_5355016456438690205_n( Image: Sense of the City: London )

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